Outdoor Guided Tour  

Casual Zhongzheng Trip


Experience an abundant of historical sites. Limited to 35 attendees per session, those who are interested can begin signing up online from 3/6 (Wed) 09:30. Availability is limited.


  • Water Park Treasure Spot Visitation
  • Huashan Humanities and Cultures Stopover


Organizer: Zhongzheng District Office

Tel: 02-2341-6721 #316

For details please visit: https://zzdo.gov.taipei or enquire at the latest news from the official website of the Zhongzheng District Office


Stroll at Showacho


The 2019 Visiting and Reading Daan Cultural Festival will take place at Showacho of Daan District to let participants visit and understand the old “Showacho” that preserves the most wooden made residential houses in Taiwan, whilst appreciating the beauty of architecture and understanding the abundant humanities and cultures stories as well as the conversation across time and space in order to perceive the past of Daan. Each guided tour is limited to 30 people; sign ups are available starting from 3/22 (Fri) 09:30 on the official website of Daan District Office and Daan News, availability is limited.


  • Recognizing Yongkang – NPM Night Tour

Please contact Daan District Office for other sessions of guided tour activities.


Organizer: Daan District Office

Tel: 02-2351-1711 #8901

For details please visit: https://dado.gov.taipei/Default.aspx/”VisitingandreadingDaanCulturalFestival


Water Park Guanyin Mountain Reservoir Guided Tour


Taipei Water Park welcomes everyone to have an inside look of the mysterious water supply facilities in early Taiwan. Two sessions are available for each Saturday and Sunday (10:30 & 14:30), and each session is limited to 30 people; please collect the tour ticket for the session on the day at the ticket booth during the operating hours, while stocks last.


Organizer: Taipei Water Park

Tel: 02-8369-5104

For details please visit: https://waterpark.gov.taipei

Friendly reminder: this guided tour is free of charge; those who wish to enter on any dates other than 3/16 are still required to purchase admission tickets.